Month: November 2015

Phut (Libya) Chaos in Mali, Paris – Fueled by Complex ISIS/Al Qaida Rivalry

Phut is one of the main Ezekiel 38/39 players.  Libyan chaos spillover blamed for much of Mali’s instability, says Israeli expert on Africa. The terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali this past […]

Rome II (EU) Vows to Continue Pushing Middle East Agenda

Israel’s outrage over ‘settlement labeling’ move will not deter EU working for ‘Middle East peace’, EU spokesman says. Rome II (The European Union) vowed Monday to work for Middle East peace even though Israel suspended […]

There is No Future for Jews in Rome II (Europe)

  The Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Paris have proven not only to be a wake-up call for the French, but also for Belgian Jewry, Brussels Chief Rabbi Avraham Guigui stated Monday. “There […]

Iran Threatens to Cancel Nuclear Deal if UN Probe Isn’t Closed

I don’t know why they would back out of a deal where they get everything.  Iran on Sunday threatened to cancel the nuclear deal with world powers unless a probe into allegations […]

Gomer (German) Officials Warn of ‘Homegrown’ Islamists ‘Radicalizing’ Refugees

  Gomer (German) authorities are growing increasingly concerned that newly arrived refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East are being recruited by radical Islamists once they arrive in the country. […]

‘Bleeding’ Communion Wafer Hailed as Miracle in Utah

  A ‘bleeding’ piece of communion wafer is being hailed as a miracle by believers at a church in Utah. Faithful followers claim the sacramental bread ‘bled’ for three days following communion at St. Francis Xavier Church […]