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Robots Poised to Take Over Wide Range of Military Jobs

  The wave of automation that swept away tens of thousands of American manufacturing and office jobs during the past two decades is now washing over the armed forces, putting both rear-echelon and […]

US ‘Nuclear Sniffer” Flies to Norway – Radiation Particles Spreading Across EU – Unknown Source

  A US Air Force ‘sniffer’ plane which took off from Sussex today was on a mission to find evidence of nuclear activity or explosion, according to strong rumours. The WC-135 Constant […]

Magog (Russia) Increases Involvement in Phut (Libya) by Signing Oil Deal

The indicators of Ezekiel 38/39 just keep rolling in. I like how they changed Hifter to Haftar in this news story. Almost like a Military Strong Man named Hifter could be a […]

IDF Jets Attack Hezbollah Targets in Syria

The Hezbos insist that the arms are necessary to defend Lebanon against Israel.  They at least acknowledge that they can’t fight Israel head to head, otherwise they absolutely would.  According to Lebanese […]

Evolution Scientist Claims Africans have Lower IQ and are “Stopping Human Evolution”

Evolution leads to Eugenics. Eugenics leads to suffering.  A One Nation candidate believes black Africans have lower IQs and government welfare is preventing human evolution. David Archibald, a geologist who is running […]

Magog (Russia) To Send Persia (Iran) $1 Billion in Missile Defense Systems

Magog and Persia from Ezekiel 38/39 continue to strengthen their ties. We know this is significant because those two entities had never had any meaningful diplomatic relations until about the 2004 time […]