Dedan (Saudi Arabia) Urges Persia (Iran) to Stop ‘Meddling’ in Neighbourhood

Ezekiel 38 Indicator. Dedan warns Persia.  “Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all her villages will say to you, “Have you come to plunder? Have you gathered your hordes […]

Persia (Iran) Claims Houthis Destroy Dedan (Saudi) or Egyptian Warship Off Yemen

  On Sunday, multiple Persia (Iranian) news outlets claimed that the Yemeni-based Iranian-proxy Houthi rebels destroyed either a Saudi or an Egyptian warship in the Bab-el-Mandeb Straits, which lies between Yemen to the […]

Khamenei Calls for Stronger Persia (Iranian) Military – Wary of Dedan (Saudi Arabia)

The Ezekiel 38 build up continues as well as the growing rift between Persia and Dedan as highlighted by Ezekiel.  DUBAI (Reuters) – Persia (Iran)’s supreme leader called on the armed forces […]

Magog & Persian (Iranian) Weapons Seized in Arabian Sea

  A ship carrying illicit arms believed to be from Iran was intercepted last week off the southern Arabian Peninsula by a member of a US-backed naval coalition and was not registered […]

Persia (Iran) Escalates Criticism of Dedan (Saudi Arabia) After Fatal Stampede

“Death to House of Saud”  This is an indicator of the split between Persia and Dedan as detailed in Ezekiel 38.  Persia (Iranian) officials escalated their criticism of Saudi Arabia’s Hajj pilgrimage […]

Magog (Putin) Calls Dedan (Saudi) King to Discuss Syria Conflict

Russia is strengthening its position with Saudi Arabia while Obama fights “Global Warming” which is the greatest scientific hoax of the 20th Century.  Magog (Moscow) (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke […]

Dedan (Saudi) King Asks Obama to Stop ‘Israeli Attacks’ on Temple Mount

This indicator fits the description for Dedan in Ezekiel 38 as they are sitting on the sidelines asking Magog (Russia) and Persia (Iran) “Yo, what are you guys doing?!” Saudi is currently […]

Putin: ISIS has designs on Dedan (Mecca), Medina, Jerusalem, Endangers Rome II & Magog

This headline supports my conjecture by drawing a line between the Psalm 83 Player(s) and the Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion players.  ISIS has designs on the holy cities of Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem […]