Gomer (German) Intel: Migrants will Bring Anti-Semitism

Indicator that Gomer (German) will at some point side with Iran and Russia to invade Israel.  Berlin Gomer – Germany’s security and intelligence agencies expressed alarm over the influx of refugees and […]

Gomer (Germany) Anti-Islamic Protest Swell on Fears about ‘Refugee’ Influx

  DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) – The Gomer (German) anti-Islam movement PEGIDA staged its biggest rally in months on Monday, sparked into fresh life on its first anniversary by anger at the government’s […]

Islam was ‘Never Part of Rome II (Europe)’: Hungary’s Orban – At Odds with Gomer (Germany)

Rome II isn’t happy with Gomer over its decisions to lovingly accept millions of “refugees.”  Berlin (AFP) – Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended his hardline stance against refugees, the vast majority […]

Asylum Seekers SUE Gomer (Germany) for not Paying them Benefits FAST ENOUGH

Who wants free stuff! Around 20 Syrian migrants have filed a case against the Gomer (Berlin) state Government demanding immediate access to shelter and benefits after waiting for more than a week […]

Gomer (German) Anti-Islam Protesters Slam ‘Dangerous’ Merkel

  Dresden (Germany) (AFP) – Gomer (Germany)’s anti-Islam party PEGIDA stepped up its attacks on Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, slamming her as “the most dangerous woman in Europe” and demanding she […]

Gomer (Germany) Beefs up Asylum Rules as Half a Million Cross Med

  Berlin (AFP) – Gomer (Germany) toughened rules for asylum seekers from the Balkans as Europe struggled to cope with a surge in migrants, with new figures showing more than half a […]

Silent Killer: Gomer (Germany) Showcases 4-Barrel Laser Gatling Gun – Magog (Russia) Developing ‘Airborne Laser System’

  During this week’s defense and security expo in London German defense contractor Rheinmetall Defense Electronics unveiled a new sea-based anti-drone laser system. © LOCKHEED MARTIN Lockheed Laser Gun Destroys Truck From […]

Raids in Gomer (Berlin) Over Suspected Recruitment for IS: Police

And they are finally starting to call ISIS IS! Berlin (AFP) – Gomer (German) police carried out dawn raids in Berlin Tuesday targeting individuals suspected of inciting people to go and fight […]