Going up? Space elevator could zoom astronauts into Earth’s stratosphere

1. Pagan religion has its roots in Babel and Babylon via Nimrod. (According to Gen 10/11)

2. Those pagan roots have transitioned from one governmental organization to the next for thousands of years.

3. They were passed onto what became the Roman Catholic Church when Justinian “married” the church to the state, a purely political move, and simply renamed some of the pagan practices:

(Babylonian Legend: Tammuz born to Nimrod and Semiramis which were associated with the sun god; he “dies” at the winter solstice (~Dec 22); is “resurrected” as the days get longer. Thus, celebrated by burning a “yule” log [Chaldean word for infant] replaced by a trimmed tree the next morning)

4. Jesuits currently have a L.U.C.I.F.E.R. device (1) on top of Mount Graham, AZ that is run by the V.O.R.G with the purpose of finding alien life and you take Route 666 to get there.

5. The Apache’s revere Mount Graham as one of their most holy places because that is where there is a portal to another dimension that their ancestors used to spirit walk. Indeed, there was a lengthy legal battle over whether it could even be used for astronomic research. (2)

6. C.E.R.N. has been doubling its power over the last couple of years with the hopes of opening portals to other dimensions.

“but this is not the only major role for the machine, with the LHC CERN are EXPECTING to find other dimensions and open portals to these dimensions, if you have the image of Stargate in your head right now, you are spot on.”

” One theory is that there is a connection between CERN and Saturn, you may of heard of Jacob’s Ladder which is described in the Book of Genesis. This ladder is said to be a ladder between heaven and Earth that allowed angels to come down to Earth. One of CERN’s goals is to recreate Jacobs Ladder and reopen a portal that is said to of existed between Earth, Mars, Venus and Saturn when the planets were in alignment many years ago. There are even rumors that back in 2012 CERN successfully opened a portal and witnessed giants known as Nephilim, this is said to be one of the reasons that they shut down the LHC in order to make it more powerful and fix the magnets after they broke opening the portal. “

All of this may just be coincidence though. 🙂




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