Month: August 2015

NASA Sees a Tropical Trio of Category 4 Pacific Ocean Hurricanes

This is the first time this has ever happened.  NASA’s Terra satellite saw Hurricanes Kilo, Ignacio, and Jimena, all Category Four Hurricanes, lined up across the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean on […]

Burning Man to Exhibit Artificial Intelligence Interaction through Social Discovery Ventures

The video is really demonic.  Artificial Intelligence makes its way to Burning Man, thanks to Social Discovery Ventures. Social Discovery Ventures, headquartered in New York, Moscow, and Hong Kong was the recipient […]

Egypt Quietly Warms Relations with Syria in Fight Against ISIS

Psalm 83 Update. You gotta hand it to Egypt. They are trying to navigate some extremely hostile waters with people who hate Egypt for having a peace treaty with Israel.    Egypt […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Blocked Iran Resolution at DNC Meeting

Wow! The DNC Chair blocked a resolution praising Obama and would have backed his deal with Iran? That stings.  MINNEAPOLIS — Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a […]

The Identity of Magog – Russia or Turkey? (Russia’s Plans for the Arctic)

One of the bigger divides among biblical scholars is the identity of Magog in Ezekiel 38/39, and to some extent Revelation 20.  Some argue that it is Turkey for various reasons and […]

Magog (Russia) to Help Persia (Iran) Build Own Satellite Observation Systems

This is an important reminder about the Russia/Iran is Magog/Persia connection. When studying biblical prophecy it is important not to do eisegesis by reading news stories, and then making the biblical passages […]

Iran Renews Full Funding of Islamic Jihad Terrorists

Ezekiel 38 Player (Iran/Persia) supporting a Psalm 83 Player.  TEL AVIV – After months of financial hardship, the coffers of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization are set to overflow with Iranian […]

No Trace of Evolution from a Common Ancestor Found.

As expected by Creationists from the massive genome evidence now available. Here is the key so-what: “In summary, this study has provided new details on patterns and rates of mitochondrial genome evolution […]