Month: August 2015

Focus Shifts to Shared Goals with Obama as Pope Visit Nears

Here’s the highlight: The pope has embraced many of the issues Obama has sought to advance, including global warming, poverty and diplomacy with Iran and Cuba. WASHINGTON (AP) — Sweeping into office in […]

ISIS Global Strategy Institute for the Study of War Assessment

In light of the news reports lately about doctored intelligence assessments regarding ISIS, I thought that a real assessment from a think-tank would offer some perspective on what exactly it is that […]

Syrians on social media in outpouring of affection for Germany (Gomer)

Gomer playing a bigger role in the Middle East.    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the object of an outpouring of love and appreciation from Syrians on social media who are grateful […]

Magog (Russia) Egypt Support Forming Anti-ISIS Coalition With Syria

Magog is playing political footsey in the region, but you can bet that all of their actions are in Russia’s national interest. Russia and Egypt support the creation of a broad anti-terrorist […]

Coalition Poised to Retake Capital, but Yemen Risks Grow

Meanwhile, in Yemen Weeks after seizing Yemen’s southern port, Aden, members of a Saudi-led military coalition and the local fighters it supports say they are poised to oust Iranian-allied Houthi forces from […]

ISIS Drives Toward Turkey in New Offensive

IS continues to plow along while “someone” makes sure that intel assessments are what the brass want to hear. They killed two Iraqi Generals yesterday.  Islamic State returns with new military gains, […]

“Essentially we are building bionic organs on a chip”

Israeli ‘Bionic Organs-on-a-Chip’ to End Animal Testing Israeli-German joint research on liver-on-chip with nanotechnology may spell end of animal experiments – it already disproves Tylenol myths. A partnership between scientists at Hebrew […]

200 Retired American Generals Urge Congress to Reject Iran Deal

Group of nearly 200 retired generals and admirals warn Congress that Iran deal will make Iran more dangerous. A group of nearly 200 retired generals and admirals sent a letter to Congress […]

China Sells U.S. Treasuries to Support Yuan

China controls  $1,480,000,000,000.00 of U.S. government debt. China has cut its holdings of U.S. Treasuries this month to raise dollars needed to support the yuan in the wake of a shock devaluation […]