Kings of the East

Kings of the East (China), Persia (Iran) Consider Establishing Strategic Partnership

Kings of the East

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says China’s relationship with Iran is “entering a new stage,” with nuclear deal opening up new prospects for cooperation • Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says China is one of Persia (Iran)’s most important partners.

China and Iran agreed to launch consultations on establishing a strategic partnership, the two countries’ foreign ministers said following talks in Beijing on Tuesday. The move is seen as an effort to further lift bilateral ties.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described the two countries’ relationship as “entering a new stage” as the recent nuclear deal signed by Iran had opened up new prospects for cooperation between China and Iran.

“China and Iran have a good foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation as well as highly complementary relations. We can connect China’s Belt and Road Initiative to Iran’s development strategies, expand cooperation in new areas like production capacity in a timely fashion, while deepening traditional cooperation in fields such as energy and infrastructure, so as to speed up our common development,” Wang said at a press conference after the talks.

Since reaching a comprehensive nuclear deal with world powers in Vienna on July 14, Iran’s external environment has seen noticeable improvements and an increasing number of foreign companies are now turning their attention toward the country.

Source: Jewsnews

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