SETI Scientist: Nephilim (Aliens) Might be Trying to Contact Earth

Two different sources in one day raises flags. 


Here is the Video:






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  1. I do not believe in aliens.

    Jesus Christ died for this world….no other. He isn’t going to die many times….I believe this world is the center of the Universe….because of the Son of God.

    What people call aliens are demons.

    When the Rapture happens…aliens will be used as the “excuse.”

    Also, there are many, many gov’t experiments going on that we know nothing about or rather, they will not tell us. This has been proven over and over. e.g. The Stealth was flying around years before they would let us know. People saw those, did not know what they were; of course this so called gov’t didn’t want us too.
    The Harrier, weird looking thing..I have seen those at Andrews Air Force Base…they had been flying around way before they would let the public know. People saw those and thought they were UFO’s. Yes they were, unidentified flying objects, of course. Have you seen the Harrier? It goes up really, really slow, off the ground a few feet, up a few yards and then goes back and forth slowly, then, raises up and fly’s off speedily. No one knew of these until the gov’t was ready to reveal them.
    Do you think they are the only ones that have been hidden from us? No, there are many, many, many more.
    No aliens….demons. The gov’t has to have an excuse when Christians are taken up. Unfortunately, people will believe this horrible farce.

  2. Ancient Demons Pose as Aliens.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    I think the UFO phenomenon is different from strange looking aircraft that any particular Government may or may not have.

    The Miracle of the Sun is a good example.

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