Month: September 2015

Obama to Press Growth, Climate Issues at Rome II (UN)

Oh good, Obama said “global development issues” will be part of his work after he leaves office in January 2017. President Barack Obama’s appearance at the United Nations this week is essentially […]

Magog (Russia), Persia (Iran), Babylon (Iraq), Syria (Psalm 83 Player) Pool Intelligence on Islamic State

  Russia and Iran, along with Iraq and the Syrian government, have reportedly agreed to set up a joint information center in Baghdad to coordinate operations against Islamic State militants, Russian media […]

Experiment Shows Telepathy is Possible from a Kilometre Away

No, this isn’t the onion.  A QUESTION-AND-ANSWER game has been conducted by sending brain signals over the internet between two players more than a kilometre apart. The US study is thought to […]

Police to Impose Tighter Restrictions on Temple Mount Entry Against Muslims

  The Israel Police announced on Sunday afternoon that, following the ongoing riots by Arabs on the Temple Mount, it would impose tighter restrictions on Muslim entry to the compound, effective immediately. […]

Israeli Gov’t Welcomes Egypt’s Call to Expand Peace with Israel

  The Israeli government welcomed Sunday Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s call for other countries in the Middle East to make peace with Israel. “The Government of Israel welcomes Egyptian President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi’s call to […]

Persia (Iran) Escalates Criticism of Dedan (Saudi Arabia) After Fatal Stampede

“Death to House of Saud”  This is an indicator of the split between Persia and Dedan as detailed in Ezekiel 38.  Persia (Iranian) officials escalated their criticism of Saudi Arabia’s Hajj pilgrimage […]

New Clashes at Jerusalem Temple Mount

The Flashpoint for the Psalm 83 War.  JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli riot police briefly clashed with young Palestinian protesters at Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site early Sunday, raising tensions ahead of a […]

Egypt’s Leader says Country in ‘Ferocious War’ – Hints at Ezekiel 38 Precondition

“Resolving the Palestinian question, he said, could “change the face of the region and … bring about enormous improvement to the situation. … I’m optimistic by nature and I say that there […]

Magog (Putin) Calls Dedan (Saudi) King to Discuss Syria Conflict

Russia is strengthening its position with Saudi Arabia while Obama fights “Global Warming” which is the greatest scientific hoax of the 20th Century.  Magog (Moscow) (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke […]