Month: September 2015

Congressman Steals Pope Francis’ Glass after White House Address to Sip Remaining Liquid with his Wife

I’ll just…leave this here. I’m not even sure what to do with it.  Representative Bob Brady, a devout Catholic and Democrat from Pennsylvania took Pope Francis’ water glass on Thursday  After Pope […]

California Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Killing Thousands Of Fish

  FOLSOM LAKE (CBS13) — A Northern California reservoir ran dry overnight, killing thousands of fish and leaving residents looking for answers. While a $3.5 million drought safety net at Folsom Lake […]

Silent Killer: Gomer (Germany) Showcases 4-Barrel Laser Gatling Gun – Magog (Russia) Developing ‘Airborne Laser System’

  During this week’s defense and security expo in London German defense contractor Rheinmetall Defense Electronics unveiled a new sea-based anti-drone laser system. © LOCKHEED MARTIN Lockheed Laser Gun Destroys Truck From […]

Netanyahu: Israel Must Become a World Power

The Double Enemy. Sunni and Shia. Psalm 83 War and Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion.  ‘No one makes alliances with the weak,’ says Prime Minister shortly after meeting Putin. First Publish: 9/24/2015, 3:39 […]

Kings of the East (China) Pushes for UN-Type Governance of Internet

  Chinese president Xi Jinping is visiting the U.S. with a heavy itinerary. One of his stops included a speech Tuesday given to business leaders in Seattle addressing a number of concerns […]