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Pope Francis Urges ‘Gestures of Peace’ in Israel

His False Prophet resume continues to grow. But I guess you don’t take Daniel and Revelation literally then you wouldn’t think that a peace deal is anything but a good thing in the case of Israel and the world. 


Pope Francis called Sunday for those caught up in violence in the HolyLand to have the “courage and fortitude to say no to hatred,” after fears weeks of unrest could turn into a full-scale intifada, or terror war against Jews and Israelis.

“I follow with great concern the situation of tension and violence that plagues the Holy Land,” he said during Sunday’s Angelus prayer in Saint Peter’s Square.

“There is a great need now for the courage and fortitude to say no to hatred and revenge and make gestures of peace.”

The Argentine said he prayed to God to “strengthen in all, rulers and citizens, the courage to oppose violence and to take concrete stepsto ease tensions.”

“In the current context of the Middle East, peace in the Holy Land is more crucial than ever,” he added.

Source: Israel National News

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