Month: October 2015

Sweden Almost Triples Refugee Estimates as System Buckles

  Sweden is being overwhelmed in its efforts to absorb a record number of asylum seekers looking for refuge inside its borders. The country’s migration agency on Thursday raised its forecast to […]

New Evictions of Arab Families Part of Battle for Jerusalem

“It’s basically Zionism unfolding and a redemption process moving forward,” JERUSALEM (AP) — On a recent morning, at a time of soaring Israeli-Palestinian tensions and massive police deployment in Jerusalem, security forces […]

The Search for the God Algorithm

They are looking for information, which I find amusing since information has never been observed to assemble itself. Information absolutely requires intelligence and design. At least they used the word God. <a […]

Magog (Russia) Proposes Meeting of ‘Peace’ with Israel, Dedan (Saudi Arabia), & Rome II (EU/UN)

Well now, this headline will certainly make biblical prophecy buffs geek out.  Magog (Russian) Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry will meet in Vienna on Friday to discuss the Syrian […]

Persia (Iran) Threatens Nuclear Plants if Deal Not Implemented

  The speaker of Persia (Iran)’s parliament, Ali Larijani, has warned the West that his country will build nuclear plants if the implementation of the nuclear deal is delayed. The Western powers […]

UNESCO Passes Arab Resolution: Cave of Patriarchs ‘Islamic’

Rachel’s tomb is now Islamic. This is absurd, of course, since Arabs are descendants of Ishmael and Esau and have nothing to do with Rachel.  UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and […]

Persia (Iran)’s Supreme Leader Endorses Nuclear Deal but says US Can’t be Trusted

Its almost like Iran wants to inspect our Nuclear sites. I’m surprised Obama hasn’t thought of this yet.  Persia (Iran)’s supreme leader on Wednesday endorsed a landmark nuclear deal reached with world […]