Month: October 2015

Scientists ‘Create’ Genetically Modified Miniature Swine

To be clear they didn’t create anything. They manipulated the existing code, and code has never been observed to come from non-code.  Have you been pining for a “teacup” pig but worried […]

Netanyahu: Palestinian incitement is ‘Osama Bin Laden meets Mark Zuckerberg’

Shots fired! That does bring up an interesting point on Social Media. Is its roll in the Psalm 83 War and Ezekiel 38 Magog invasion to help facilitate those events?  Prime Minister […]

Palestinian Kids ‘Shown How To Stab A Jew’…

  Palestinian children are being “brainwashed” with “incitement and hate”, according to an Israeli spokesman. Danny Danon, Israel’s new ambassador to the United Nations, is urging the Security Council to make a […]

Rome II (UN) to Call on Governments Around the World to Decriminalise all Drugs

    The UN may be about to call on the governments of all countries to end the “war on drugs” and decriminalise the use and possession of all illegal substances. In […]

Robert Gates: US Syrian Rebel Training Program ‘Nuts’

We spent $500,000,000 on ‘nuts.’ A doomed US plan now on hold to train Syrian rebel fighters outside the country to fight the Islamic State was “nuts,” former defense secretary Robert Gates […]

UAE ‘No Longer Bound’ Not to Enrich Uranium

Sheba (UAE) and Dedan (Saudi Arabia) are nuking up in response to Persia (Iran). A leading member of the US House of Representatives revealed that a senior United Arab Emirates (UAE) official told […]