Month: November 2015

Scientists Studying 5 Year Old Savant Displaying Signs of Telepathy

  A five-year-old savant who is apparently displaying signs of telepathy is being studied by scientists after his mother posted videos online showing him reciting random numbers ‘written in secret’. Ramses Sanguino […]

Record 60,000,000 People Displaced Globally

  The list of countries from which the emigrants leave is extensive, including Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo , Eritrea, Gambia, Haiti, Iraq, Senegal, Syria, and many other countries in sub-Saharan […]

Experts: Evidence Pointing to Bomb Exploding on Russian Plane

  As aviation authorities rule out pilot or technical error in the crash of a Russian airliner that killed 224 over the weekend, experts are leaning increasingly toward the theory that the […]

For the First Time Ever, Egypt Votes FOR Israel at Rome II (UN)

This is an important indicator because Egypt has a prominent place in the Millennial Kingdom. This story, along with Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel, may be why. Egypt “In the millennial situation, […]

ISIS Shoots Down Magog (Russian) Jet in Egypt – Killing All 224 Aboard

  More PROOF of ISIS bomb? Russian plane crash caused by something OUTSIDE, MetroJet says METROJET, the airline operator of the doomed Russian plane which crashed in Egypt, said it was brought […]

Israeli Minister Calls for Third Temple to be Built

  A government minister from a nationalist religious party called Thursday for the Jewish Temple to be rebuilt on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The statement from Housing and Construction Minister Uri […]

One Out of Two ‘Migrants’ Go Rogue, ‘Unaccounted For’ ‘On the Run’

The Invasion of Rome II by Islam just took a scary, but utterly predictable turn.  In a terrible new twist to the invasion horror unfolding in Europe, the migrants are “disappearing.” More […]