Month: January 2016

World’s Tallest Building Planned for… Iraq? (Basrah – Tower of Babel?)

“Designed to be the most advanced, sustainable…vertical city.” Where is Basrah you ask? Designs and plans have been drawn up for the world’s tallest building. Its location? Basra, in the south of […]

Assyrian Forces Ready to Participate in Liberating Nineveh Plain

One of the titles of the Antichrist is “The Assyrian.” Did you know there were Assyrian Forces participating in combat in the Middle East? On Monday, Nineveh Plain forces expressed their readiness […]

Francis is Proving to be a Very Ecumenical Pope

Ecumenical Religion is an essential indicator that strongly supports the Pope as the leading contender for the title of False Prophet as outlined in Revelation.  ROME — In the abstract, the election […]

General Wants to Up U.S. Action Against ISIS in Libya

  WASHINGTON (CNN) —President Barack Obama’s top military adviser has begun to talk openly about stepped-up U.S. military action against ISIS in Libya as the terror group expands its operations in the […]

China (Kings of the East) Moves to Deepen Its Footprint in Iran (Persia) as Sanctions End

    ZARRINABAD, Iran — Rising from the yellowish, treeless plains so typical for central Iran stands a square, three-dimensional labyrinth of pipes and conveyor belts, topped by a silver chimney that […]

Meeting to Showcase Pope Francis’ Close Relations With Iran

The first thing I think about when I think of the Pope is how close his relations are with…Iran? What? How does that make any sense?! Great MLMD headline though.  ROME—A meeting on […]

With Sanctions Lifted, Iran’s (Persia) President Heads Straight to Europe (Rome II), Met with China (Kings of the East)

  With financial sanctions against Iran falling away, President Hassan Rouhani is wasting no time in seeking new business opportunities for a country that’s long been isolated. The Iranian leader was in […]