Month: January 2016

Middle East: Will the Work of Three Popes Inspire World Leadership?

This story has some very interesting indicators for the Pope being the False Prophet of Revelation. There’s the peacemaking efforts. There’s the Shiite-Catholic connection. There’s the word “prophet” right there in one […]

Calls for Normalization with Israel May Signal Change in Sudan (Cush)

Ezekiel 38 indicator between Cush and Israel.  JAFFA, Israel – Several participants in Sudan’s National Dialogue Conference, underway since last October, have raised the possibility of normalizing relations with Israel, an issue […]

Germany (Gomer) Hints at Possible Troop Deployment to Libya

Phut/Gomer indicator.  Germany’s defense minister says she does not rule out dispatching military forces to violence-wracked Libya, without clarifying the nature of the potential deployment. When asked in a Sunday interview with […]

Cosmic Particles Could Reveal Clues to How Egypt Pyramid was Built

  CAIRO — An international team of researchers said Sunday they will soon begin analyzing cosmic particles collected inside Egypt’s Bent Pyramid to search for clues as to how it was built […]

ISIS Brand Spreading Worldwide: Experts

There are 8 countries listed here. Algeria, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Here is an observation about those countries’ flags and the “4 Horsemen” of Revelation 6: White, […]

ISIS Pushes Through Gap in Iraqi Army Frontline

  ISIS militants pushed through a gap in the Iraqi army frontline on Thursday to capture a northern village, local sources said, demonstrating the group’s continued reach after a major defeat in […]

Pope Francis Calls on Catholics and Jews to Work Together for Peace

Major indicator for the Pope being the False Prophet.  (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Sunday became the third pope to visit Rome’s synagogue in a sign of continuing Catholic-Jewish friendship. During the […]