Month: January 2016

Pope Says God’s Covenant with Jews ‘Irrevocable’

The Pope is absolutely correct here. Another indicator/bullet to add to his False Prophet resume.  Pope Francis visited Rome’s synagogue this afternoon stressing that the Church recognises God’s “irrevocable” covenant with Israel and the […]

Iran Moves from Pariah State to Regional Power

Key indicator for the Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion.  Iran’s release from sanctions testifies to its new relationship with the United States as it moves from pariah state to regional power, a status […]

US Imposes New Iran Sanctions for Ballistic Missile Testing

Can someone explain how we could give Iran $150,000,000,000 in sanctions relief because they “complied” with all of their commitments, then impose sanctions on them for breaking their commitments?  The United States […]

US, EU Lift Sanctions Against Iran (Persia)

The UN nuclear agency certified Saturday that Iran has met all of its commitments under last summer’s landmark deal with 6 world powers, crowning years of US-led efforts to crimp Iran’s ability […]

Technology Freeing Humans from ‘Biological Constraints’ – ‘Digital Heaven’

  January is a month for renewal and for change. Many of us have been gifted shiny new fitness trackers, treated ourselves to some new gadget or other, or upgraded to the […]

Petri-Dish Magic Cultivates a Modern Chimera – ‘Manimal’

Hebrew bible Nephilim word review: Emim—the fearful ones Rephaim—the dead ones Anakim—the [long]-necked ones Gibborim—the mighty ones The chimera was a zoological monstrosity of Greek myth: a fire-breathing beast with the head […]

The Two Most Dangerous Numbers in the Universe Threaten the End of Physics

Physics makes the case for God once again. Another win for the fine-tuning argument that was already very strong to begin with.  “According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the theory […]

Russia (Magog) to Focus on ‘Humanitarian Ops’ in Syria

  Russia’s defence ministry has said the new objective of its forces in Syria is humanitarian operations. It claims that peaceful life is slowly returning to the war-torn country following Moscow’s bombing […]

Former US Official: ISIS has the Capability to Organize Paris-like Attacks out of its New Base in Libya

  A former high-level US official told Congress this week that he’s concerned with what he sees happening with ISIS in Libya. Former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford testified before the […]