Cush (Sudan)

Sudan Severed Ties with Iran (Persia)

One of the things that skeptics need to keep in mind when reading biblical prophecy, or those opining on it, is that prophecy should start with exegesis, what you think the prophecy actually says, and then see if there are indicators in the news that match your assessment. The opposite should not be done, which is finding news stories and making them fit into the biblical passages. 

This is a case where the Sudan/Iran (Cush/Persia) link isn’t there yet. So from my point of view, the Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion still has a way to go for the allied countries to solidify their relations and agree to attack Israel. 


January 31, 2016 (KHARTOUM) – President Omer al-Bashir Sunday revealed that the decision to cut off relations with Tehran meant also to prevent Iran from spreading Shiite Islam among Sudanese.

In an interview with France 24 TV, on the marines of the African Union meetings in Addis Ababa, Bashir said Sudan relations had been good but however exaggerated by the media, adding they realized that government of the Islamic Republic of Iran sought actively through its diplomatic mission to spread its religious ideology.

“We do not know the Shiite Islam. We are Sunnites. We have enough problems and conflicts and we do not accept introducing a new element of conflict in the Sudanese society,” he said.

“So we closed the Iranian cultural centre and stopped the Shiite activities” he further stressed.

In September 2014, the Sudanese foreign ministry on Monday ordered the closure of Iranian cultural centre in the capital Khartoum, and its branches in other states. Also the Iranian cultural attaché and the staff of the centre were also asked to leave the country within 72 hours.

At the time the government didn’t issue any official explanation for the abrupt decision.

Regarding Sudan’s participation in the Saudi-led military campaign against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, Bashir said this decision was not directed against Iran but is in support of the legitimate government in Yemen.

“Also we reject any threat for the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Sudan’s relations in the past were sources of regional tensions as the Saudi Arabia considered it as a direct threat for its security. Also, in the past Washington was concerned by this relation.

In October 2011, former Presidential Assistant Nafie Ali Nafie said his government had refused a request filed by the US Administration to severe ties with Iran and Hamas.

Early in January, Sudan severed ties with Iran after an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran amid a row over the execution of a Shiite Muslim cleric.

Sudanese troops are deployed in Yemen since October 2014 within an Arab coalition against the Shiite Houthi militants.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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