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Iran (Persia) EU (Rome II) Must Boost Cooperation to Fight ‘Terrorism’ – Rouhani


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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has slammed the Western countries that have failed to undertake a genuine campaign against terrorism, stressing that Iran and the European Union must enhance cooperation in countering the scourge.

“The fight against terrorism needs firm determination in the international scene but despite ample grounds, certain Western countries still refuse to show necessary seriousness to fight terrorism and some other countries are using terrorists to promote their short-term interests,” Rouhani said in a meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Tehran on Monday.

He expressed Iran’s readiness to hold more consultation with European Union member countries and Greece in particular to fight terrorism.

“We should convince countries which are supporting terrorism that using terrorists as a means is an futile and wrong move and that terrorism will finally damage their own interests as well,” the Iranian president stated.

He stressed the importance of boosting cooperation to promote regional peace and stability and said all countries should make collective efforts and reinforce their unity to block all the avenues of financial and arms deliveries to terrorist groups.

Iran keen to bolster relations with Greece: Rouhani

Rouhani further expressed Iran’s keenness to bolster cooperation with the EU, particularly Greece, and said the expansion of Tehran-Athens relations would serve the two nations’ interests.

The Iranian president added that the two countries enjoy great potential to improve mutual relations in economic, cultural and academic sectors.

Collective cooperation necessary to fight terrorism: PM

The Greek premier, for his part, said all countries must cooperate to combat terrorism and added that Athens supports Tehran’s leading role in enhancing regional stability.

He also added that blocking the provision of financial and arms assistance to terrorists and restoring stability and security to the region can cap the number of migrants.

Over a million refugees entered the 28-nation bloc last year through Turkey and Greece and then made their way through the Balkans to Germany and other northern member states.

Damascus says foreign support for terrorists wreaking havoc in the country is to blame for the outflow of Syrians.

European governments have not yet come up with a viable means of tackling the massive inflow. Some European countries have urged the closure of their borders while others have called for open arms for the refugees.

Tsipras expressed his country’s determination to expand all-out relations with Iran, particularly in economy, to serve the two nations’ interests.

He said Greece is ready to resume a direct Tehran-Athens flight.

Source: Press TV

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