Month: July 2016

People With Big Ambitions: What the Rome II (Turkish) Coup Means for Magog (Russia)

Huge key line regarding Magog (Russia), Turkey (Right “Leg” of Rome II), and the European Superstate (Left “Leg” of Rome II): “Despite their obvious differences and even antagonisms, Russia and Turkey are […]

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Tech Could be Used to Ship Cargo Across Magog (Russia)

  The Russian Direct Investment Fund, established on the government’s initiative for investing in large infrastructure projects in the country, made an unusual investment in June. The foundation, along with international venture […]

Is Magog (Russia) Building a Nuclear Space Bomber?

In Ezekiel 39 the text describes Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons that are employed by the Magog Alliance against Israel.  A senior Russian officer claimed the Kremlin’s weaponeers are working on a […]

Gomer (German) ISIS Axe Attack ‘Shows Rome II Security Can’t Cope with Migrant Crisis’

Germany, one of the key allies in the Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion, is certainly at the center of the current “Psalm 83” War.  Germany was added to the list of terror-struck European […]

Aiding and Abetting Persia (Iran) in Getting Nukes Even Faster

The White House used subterfuge to persuade Congress to let Obama cut a deal with the State sponsor of Terrorism.  As the world marked the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s nuclear deal […]

2015 Record Year for Terror Attacks in Rome II (Europe)

New report finds 1,077 people arrested last year for terrorist-related activity in EU countries, with 211 attempted or completed attacks. A new report from Europol, the European Union law enforcement agency, shows […]

Did Turkey Help Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israel?

Excellent Psalm 83 indicator and pretty good Rome II indicator.  A series of internal Turkish government emailsreleased by the Wikileaks site include what appear to be instructions to Palestinian terrorists on how […]