Month: July 2016

Gomer (Germany) Says Forces in Persia (Iran) Trying to Torpedo Nuclear Deal

Gomer and Persia are having issues.  Responding to German intelligence agency reports that Iran has been trying to acquire nuclear technology in Germany, Berlin said on Friday that certain forces in Iran […]

Israel Enlists Gomer (German) to Counter UN Resolution Denying Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

The Temple Mount is the Center-of-Gravity for the Middle East conflict and is an iron-clad fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Zechariah 12:3 “It will come about at that time that I will make […]

What’s in a Name? Putin’s Ominous Vision for Magog (Russia) – Ties to Rome II

And there’s even an honorable mention to Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) who sought to legitimize his rule by claiming Moscow had become the “Third Rome.” He even named submarine “Archangelsk.” How […]

Watchdog Demands Syria Explain Chemical Warfare Agents

Remember all of those WMD we “didn’t find” back during OIF? The world’s chemical weapons watchdog is pressing Syria to explain why it has four undeclared warfare agents, its head said Wednesday, […]

Researchers Create Stingray Robot Uses Living Light-Activated Rat Cells to Swim

  A new robot stingray can swim with help from an unexpected source: muscle cells that were taken from rat hearts, a new study finds. Understanding how to build machines from heart […]

ISIS Numbers Drop, But Fighters Now Attacking Around the World

NBC probably got their exclusive classified data from Hillary Clinton in an email.  Classified data exclusively obtained by NBC News shows that the number of foreigners fighting for ISIS in Syria and […]

Pope Aims to Relaunch Dialogue with the ‘Sunni Vatican’

Of course there is a Sunni  Vatican. Why wouldn’t there be a Sunni Vatican? The path to the one world religion keeps plowing ahead.   – Top Vatican officials to meet Wednesday in […]

Magog to Gomer – Help Avoid Ukraine Escalation

Two of the three major players in Ezekiel 38/39.  Magog (MOSCOW) (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to use their […]