Month: July 2016

Sign of Unity: Catholic Church in UAE Hosts Hundreds of Muslims in a Celebratory Meal

Ecumenical Religion Update: At a time when religious beliefs seem to be dividing people and causing pain and destruction to the world, it is always refreshing to see people of different faiths […]

AFRICOM Sends Troops to Cush (Sudan) to Protect US Diplomats – Gomer (Germany) Involved

Indicators of a Gomer/Cush connection that could go stronger.  STUTTGART, Germany — U.S. Africa Command has dispatched 40 troops to protect U.S. diplomatic personnel in Juba, capital of Cush (South Sudan), where […]

Germany (Gomer) Presents New ‘Military Roadmap’ – 4 of 5 Ezekiel 38 Countries

German (Gomer) is going to step up as the next big leader and help “shape the world order”now that Great Britain has left the European Union. And how about that, 4 out of […]

Pentagon Resists Obama’s New Plan to Work With the Russians (Magog) in Syria

What an absolute mess. We have no initiative. We have no predictive analysis. We are just reacting to the dynamic situation on the ground and just kind of hoping Russia lets us […]

22 Schoolgirls ‘Suffered Mass Demonic Possession’ After Game Charlie Charlie

I’ve followed these cases for years and been a part of deliverance ministry. This stuff is all to real folks and it isn’t “just” in people’s minds. The fact that you are […]

Researchers Successfully 3D Print ‘Living’ Body Parts and Tissue

  Since the advent of the 3D printer, many industries have been discovering innovative methods to enhance human life.  From toys and models to food applications by NASA, 3D printers are proving […]

Russian (Magog) 6th-gen ‘Drone’ Fighter Jets to Fly in Swarms, Enter Near Space

  Planned to be unveiled by 2025, Russia’s sixth-generation fighter jets will be rounding on the enemy in “swarms” largely consisting of unmanned aircraft flying at hypersonic speed. Developers say such groups […]

Ex-Saudi (Dedan) Intel Chief: Iran (Persia) Using Hamas to Destabilize Region

This story is an indicator of the rift between Dedan (Saudi Arabia) and Persia (Iran) as detailed in Ezekiel 38. “We in Hamas reject these baseless and false defamations. One who observes […]