Month: July 2016

European SUPERSTATE (Rome II) EU Nations ‘to be Morphed into One’ post-Brexit

Eschatology watchers have been looking for the mysterious Rome II that is mentioned by Daniel (Daniel 2:41) for decades and the Most Likely form that it would be take would be a […]

Hidden Fault Could Trigger Cataclysmic “Megaquake” in Asia

6th Seal of Revelation indicator. “Then I saw the lamb[h] open the sixth seal. There was a powerful earthquake… The sky vanished like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island […]

Rome II Suffers Setback as Renewed Nationalism is ‘Stalking Europe’

Rome II continues to struggle to build the European Superstate.  The instinct to defend national self-interest has soared amid eurozone struggles, writes Tony Barber Nationalism is one of modern Europe’s strongest traditions, […]

ISIS (Psalm 83), Iran (Persia) Fueling Growth in Missile, Bomb Market, Says Raytheon CEO

  Revenues are on the rise, thanks to the counter-ISIS airstrike campaign and worries about long-range missiles. FARNBOROUGH, England — The American-led airstrike campaign against the Islamic State group and the global […]

Military Robotics Makers See a Future for Armed Police Robots

Back in the MLMD saddle. First up to bat, killer robots.  As military-grade robotics get cheaper and more capable, someone will arm them and put them on American streets. Robot-maker Sean Bielat […]