Month: January 2017

Magog (Gorbachev) Worried about World War – Says Trump and Putin Could “Lead the World to Peace”

  The last time Mikhail Gorbachev made American news, the former Soviet dictator sounded upbeat. Of the incoming President Trump, he told the Associated Press in December: “He has little political experience, […]

European Council President: Trump a threat to Rome II (Europe)

European Council President Donald Tusk lists US President alongside terror and radical Islam as threats to Rome II (EU), says Union must remain. European Council President Donald Tusk called US President Donald Trump […]

Miracle Twins Kept Each Other Alive by Holding Hands in the Womb

  A set of identical twins kept each other alive by holding in the womb. Hayley Lampshire, 27, from Kidlington, Oxfordshire, she discovered her twins were suffering from a rare condition meaning they […]

Pope Frets about ‘Hemorrhage’ of Priests, Nuns from Church

The main reason cited was lack of “lifelong commitments.” I read that, marriage. The bible has a couple of things to say about leaders of the church and marriage. “A bishop then […]

Islam Strengthening in Europe with the Blessing of the Vatican

They are recognizing a few realities. One, that Islam is violent and that’s the only method by which they spread. And two, Muslims are having more children than Catholics…and that’s saying something.  […]

Catholics Ask Trump to Probe Soros-Obama-Clinton Conspiracy at Vatican

There’s a headline you don’t see everyday.  Did billionaire speculator George Soros, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and Obama/Clinton adviser John Podesta conspire to overthrow […]

Gomer (Germany) says Migrant Deal with Phut (Libya) Needed

Gomer (Merkel) said it was important to work with Phut (Libya) given that more than 4,000 migrants had died in the Mediterranean while en route from Libya to Italy. Europe should work […]