Islamic State Slowly Closes In On Israel From The North And The South

Psalm 83 War Indicator. 

Islamic State made yet another surprise move Tuesday when a coalition of ISIS-affiliated groups launched an offensive in the Yarmouk River area near the Israeli border in southwest Syria.

The Khalid Ibn Al Walid Army, which is an ISIS-affiliated Jihadist coalition consisting of the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, the Islamic Muthanna Movement and the Army of Jihad, attacked positions of the Free Syrian Army near the Israeli border, capturing six villages on the Syrian Golan Heights.

The Jihadist coalition, which used dozens of armored personnel carriers and tanks, was later driven out the villages of Jileen and Heet by a counter offensive by the FSA.

Col. Ismail Ayoub, a Syrian opposition army defector, said no one expected the attack that brought the border villages Tasil, Sahem el-Golan, Adwan, and Tel Jamoua under the temporary control of Islamic State.

The villages are located almost seven miles of the Israeli border in an area where the Jordanian, Syrian and Israeli borders converge near the Yarmouk River.

The ISIS operatives immediately began to terrorize the local population and executed several civilians in Tasil, the largest village captured in the raid on Monday.

The Jordanian army reacted to the ISIS attacks near its border by upgrading the level of readiness, a spokesman for the army told Reuters. The IDF didn’t comment on the latest Islamic State move near the Israeli border.

The Israeli army is following the events at the other side of the border in Syria with great concern. Last year, Israel launched several cross-border raids to contain the threat posed by the Islamic State coalition.

Islamic State-affiliated groups in Egypt and Syria appear increasingly interested in a confrontation with Israel.

Over the last two weeks, Israel has been attacked twice by Islamic State branch Wilayat Sinai that operates from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

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