Month: February 2017

A Fractured World Unites Against Israel

Biblical prophecy unfolding before your eyes.  The world is fractured along ethnic, religious, economic and political lines. Western Europe and Putin’s Russia are fighting each other in a war of propaganda. The […]

Hamas Has Restored Its Operational Capabilities to 2014 Levels

Senior security official warns Hamas as strong as before Operation Protective Edge. Hamas claims to have won last Gaza war. Hamas has restored its operational capabilities to the levels they had reached […]

Gomer (Germany): Human Rights Situation in Phut (Libya) is ‘Catastrophic’ Rome II (EU) Tries to Stem Flow

Rome II, Gomer, and Libya all in one story.  (BERLIN) — The human rights situation in Libya is “catastrophic,” with migrants heading for Europe bearing the brunt of abuse, the German government […]

Phut (Libya) Oil Output On The Rise, Highest Since 2014

Excellent Phut indicator.  After a series of setbacks and missteps, Libya is reportedly on track to continue its increased oil production in 2017, with output now sitting at the highest levels seen […]

Magog (Putin) to Launch World’s First Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet for IMMENSE Arctic Army

Most scholars believe Magog is either Russia or Turkey. Since I believe it is Russia, I will cite examples that are indicators Russia fits the description better than Turkey does. For example, […]

Pope Francis Puts the Knights of Malta in Their Place

The Pope intervenes in a sovereign entity in international law. Pope Francis decrees a spiritual mission for disorderly knights. The papal putsch aims to show who is in charge and curb a […]