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Jeremy Richard

French Police Find 9 Pounds Of Cocaine In A Vatican Car

Police in France found cocaine and marijuana in a vehicle with Holy See diplomatic plates belonging to Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia. Pope Francis may have often spoken out against the “evil” of […]


The only word that comes to mind is: Twilightzone “VIENNA (AP) — Iran, in an unusual arrangement, will be allowed to use its own experts to inspect a site it allegedly used […]

U.S. weighs more security, withdrawal option for Sinai forces

As an alumnist with the Multinational Force and Observers peacekeeping mission in the Sinai, I find this story sad and disappointing. “For the United States, the fighting is troublesome, centered in the […]

Op-ed: How Can Engineers Heed Pope Francis’ Challenge on Climate Change?

We must widen the focus of the engineering field to include the bigger picture, Catholic deans write. Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change speaks to the engineering profession, STEM leaders at Catholic […]

AINA Editorial Assyrians Should Leave the Middle East

(AINA) — On June 10, 2014 ISIS captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. On August 7, 2014 ISIS drove into the Nineveh Plains north and east of Mosul, causing nearly 200,000 Assyrians […]

U.S. Navy on alert: China, Russia to launch largest-ever joint navy exercise

The Chinese and Russian navies are gearing up for their largest-ever joint exercises, slated to begin Thursday in the Pacific with more than 20 ships and featuring anti-submarine operations as well as […]

First almost fully-formed human brain grown in lab

How do they know? “Though not conscious the miniature brain, which resembles that of a five-week-old foetus, could potentially be useful for scientists who want to study the progression of developmental diseases.” […]

Going up? Space elevator could zoom astronauts into Earth’s stratosphere

1. Pagan religion has its roots in Babel and Babylon via Nimrod. (According to Gen 10/11) 2. Those pagan roots have transitioned from one governmental organization to the next for thousands of […]

‘Israel Must Be Obliterated’: New Iranian Video Imagines Muslim Invasion of Jerusalem

Gearing up for the Psalm 83 War and Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion: “One dons the IRGC [Revolutionary Guards] insignia on his left arm, another the emblem of the Iran-backed Iraqi Shia Badr […]