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Why US Presidents Can Not Enforce Martial Law in the United States

Even if they wanted to… We’ve all seen the pictures of hundreds of armored vehicles and tanks being shipped on rail through the desert with headlines like “Operation Jade Helm – Obama […]

For the First Time Ever, Egypt Votes FOR Israel at Rome II (UN)

This is an important indicator because Egypt has a prominent place in the Millennial Kingdom. This story, along with Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel, may be why. Egypt “In the millennial situation, […]

Russian Scientist Injects Himself with ‘Eternal Life’ Bacteria

  If injecting yourself with 3.5 million-year-old bacteria could keep you looking and feeling youthful and healthy without having to fork out for a gym membership, would you do it? Russian scientist […]

John Kerry: Temple Mount Must Remain ‘In the Hands of Jordan’

Look who is on the wrong side of history. US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Israel and the Palestinians on Monday to demonstrate calm after violent clashes in the Old City […]

These Patterns Exist both in Math (Not Made Up of Atoms) and Nature (Made up of Atoms) But Why?

In this presentation Dr. Jason Lisle explores the Mandlebrot Set, which is a fractal. This particular fractal isn’t the same image all the way down though. As you zoom in on different […]