Ecumenical Religion

Pope Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’ But ‘Global Warming Real’

Captain Infallible doesn’t live in reality. I can’t overstate how big of a “Woman Who Rides the Beast” indicator this is. This man is clearly vying for the title False Prophet.  Maybe […]

Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Met Again ‘For Future of Humanity’

Frank is a busy guy. Schmoozing with Magog and Rome II. “Russia too is investing much in relations with the Holy See. While in Paris for the European Meeting between Catholic and […]

Imagining Unity with the Churches of the East (Catholic, Orthodox)

Remember these guys have excommunicated each other and burned each other at the stake for a thousand years. But they are heading towards “unity” just like Revelation predicts.  Before we discuss the […]

Rome Must Refuse to Bend to Magog (Putin) Storyline

Another Ecumenical Religion Update: “Under these circumstances, the best the Catholic side of this “dialogue” can do is to resist new falsifications of historical or current reality, make clear that the integrity […]

Pope Aims to Relaunch Dialogue with the ‘Sunni Vatican’

Of course there is a Sunni  Vatican. Why wouldn’t there be a Sunni Vatican? The path to the one world religion keeps plowing ahead.   – Top Vatican officials to meet Wednesday in […]

Sign of Unity: Catholic Church in UAE Hosts Hundreds of Muslims in a Celebratory Meal

Ecumenical Religion Update: At a time when religious beliefs seem to be dividing people and causing pain and destruction to the world, it is always refreshing to see people of different faiths […]

Francis is Proving to be a Very Ecumenical Pope

Ecumenical Religion is an essential indicator that strongly supports the Pope as the leading contender for the title of False Prophet as outlined in Revelation.  ROME — In the abstract, the election […]

Pope to Meet Iranian (Persia) President After Landmark Nuclear Deal

And in another “you can’t make this up” story regarding the leading candidate for the False Prophet and Persia from Ezekiel 38….   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is to meet Pope Francis […]