Cush (Sudan)

Indicators that help confirm Sudan as the identity of Cush

Dedan (Saudi Arabia) Sides with Cush (Sudan) Over US Travel Restrictions

    Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam and home to the religion’s two holiest sites, has long used its religious clout to project its role as a regional leader. Now that […]

AFRICOM Sends Troops to Cush (Sudan) to Protect US Diplomats – Gomer (Germany) Involved

Indicators of a Gomer/Cush connection that could go stronger.  STUTTGART, Germany — U.S. Africa Command has dispatched 40 troops to protect U.S. diplomatic personnel in Juba, capital of Cush (South Sudan), where […]

Germany (Gomer) Presents New ‘Military Roadmap’ – 4 of 5 Ezekiel 38 Countries

German (Gomer) is going to step up as the next big leader and help “shape the world order”now that Great Britain has left the European Union. And how about that, 4 out of […]

Pope Francis Meets Sudan (Cush) Bishops as UN Documents Atrocities

Cush is popping up more and more with indicators starting to show in multiple End Times categories.  The conflict in Africa’s newest country, South Sudan, continues to rage with Pope Francis meeting […]

Sudan (Cush) Considering Forming Ties with Israel after Falling-Out with Iran (Persia)

This is an indicator that the Ezekiel 38/39 Magog alliance isn’t on the near horizon. Some other major world event will Most Likely happen to set the conditions for Ezekiel 38. (Psalm […]

Calls for Normalization with Israel May Signal Change in Sudan (Cush)

Ezekiel 38 indicator between Cush and Israel.  JAFFA, Israel – Several participants in Sudan’s National Dialogue Conference, underway since last October, have raised the possibility of normalizing relations with Israel, an issue […]

Sudan (Cush) Focus on German (Gomer) Initiative for Peace Talks

Excellent Sudan – Cush indicator that points to closer ties with Germany – Gomer, both of which are major Ezekiel 38/39 players.  The Sudanese newspapers on Wednesday focused on the German initiative […]