Persia (Iran)

Indicators that confirm Iran as the identity of Persia

Meeting to Showcase Pope Francis’ Close Relations With Iran

The first thing I think about when I think of the Pope is how close his relations are with…Iran? What? How does that make any sense?! Great MLMD headline though.  ROME—A meeting on […]

With Sanctions Lifted, Iran’s (Persia) President Heads Straight to Europe (Rome II), Met with China (Kings of the East)

  With financial sanctions against Iran falling away, President Hassan Rouhani is wasting no time in seeking new business opportunities for a country that’s long been isolated. The Iranian leader was in […]

Iran (Persia) Signs Deal with Russia’s (Magog) Lukoil over Oil-Rich Khouzestan Province

The Magog/Persia alliance strengthens. A clear and strong indicator of the upcoming Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion.  Where is Khouzestan Province you ask? Right here: Iran says it has signed a deal with […]

Could Iran (Persia) Become the Next Dubai, an Aviation Superpower?

Great Ezekiel 38/39 indicator.  Sounds highly unlikely, right?  On both counts: a warm greeting and a logical destination. After all, the reputation of Tehran’s old international airport was forever nailed in the […]

Iran was the Ally Israel Wanted. It got Saudi Arabia

  In a statement made in December 2015 but which gained attention last week, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Sheikh, declared that chess was forbidden for Muslims. This […]

Pope to Meet Iranian (Persia) President After Landmark Nuclear Deal

And in another “you can’t make this up” story regarding the leading candidate for the False Prophet and Persia from Ezekiel 38….   Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is to meet Pope Francis […]

White House Admits Iran Might use Sanctions Relief Funds for Terrorism

Probably nothing at all to do with Obama’s top adviser being Iranian born. DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) – It’s likely that some of the billions of dollars in sanctions relief granted to Iran […]

Japan (Kings of the East) Lifts Nuclear Sanctions on Iran

Pictured below: Germany (Gomer), China (Kings of the East), European Union (Rome II), the United States, and Russia (Magog).  We aren’t in good company.  Japan on Friday lifted sanctions on Iran, falling […]

Expert Warns: North Korea (Kings of the East) and Iran (Persia) in Secret Nuclear Plot to Wipe Out Israel

This is exactly what Ezekiel 38/39 says will happen. Doesn’t it amaze you how God wrote that down in black and white over 2,600 years ago? An expert on the Middle East […]

Sudan (Cush) Considering Forming Ties with Israel after Falling-Out with Iran (Persia)

This is an indicator that the Ezekiel 38/39 Magog alliance isn’t on the near horizon. Some other major world event will Most Likely happen to set the conditions for Ezekiel 38. (Psalm […]