Magog (Russia)

Indicators that help confirm Russia as the identity of Magog

After Syria, Magog (Putin)’s Next Move Could be Phut (Libya)

Ezekiel 38/39 Coalition indicator. Libya and Russia team up with Iran to invade Israel at this event.  President Trump has consistently suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin could be a strong ally […]

Rome II (Europe)’s Far-Right Enjoys Backing from Magog (Russia)’s Putin

  VIENNA — While U.S. intelligence agencies investigate claims that Russia secretly hacked emails to help tip last year’s elections in favor of Donald Trump, Russia’s push to bolster far-right populist politicians […]

Phut (Libya) Why Rome II (EU) is Looking to Magog (Russia)

The Ezekiel 38/39 Magog/Phut/EU indicators and links just keep rolling in.  (CNN)EU leaders are turning to Russia as they seek to stabilize Libya, stem the flow of migrants departing its shores for […]

Magog (Putin) to Attend Kings of the East (China) Summit ‘One Belt’

  Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend two of the most important diplomatic events China will host this year, a top envoy for Moscow said, in a possible sign of the two […]

Rome II (EU) Reaches Out to Magog (Russia) to Broker Deal with Phut (Libya)

Magog and Phut indicator.  Diplomats hope for reconciliation between the UN-backed government of national accord and the military commander of Libya’s eastern government European diplomats are attempting a last-ditch effort to dissuade […]

Magog List of People Killed by Putin by Association of Former Intelligence Officers

List of people “killed” by Vladimir Putin from the Association of Former Intelligence Officers. (Kind of like the list of people “killed” by the Clintons, but for Russia) Stalin’s Disciple Vladimir Putin […]

Rome II (EU) & Magog (Moscow) Back Phut (Libya) Military Strongman

Great Ezekiel 38 Indicator.  EU raises pressure for unified government in Libya Moscow, Brussels and Rome back military strongman Khalifa Haftar for at least some formal role that might unite the country. […]

Rome Must Refuse to Bend to Magog (Putin) Storyline

Another Ecumenical Religion Update: “Under these circumstances, the best the Catholic side of this “dialogue” can do is to resist new falsifications of historical or current reality, make clear that the integrity […]

Trump Looks at Driving Wedge Between Magog (Russia) and Persia (Iran)

Officials say strategy marries president’s vows to improve relations with Putin and to aggressively challenge Iran’s military presence in Middle East WASHINGTON—The Trump administration is exploring ways to break Russia’s military and […]