Magog (Russia)

Indicators that help confirm Russia as the identity of Magog

Russia (Magog): Turkey Gave Syria Extremists Arms Boost Ahead of Talks

  In recent days, extremist and anti-government groups in Syria have received military enforcement from the Turkish government, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday, claiming Ankara is seeking to strengthen the opposition’s […]

China (Kings of the East) Russia (Magog) to Help Iran (Persia) Build New Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear Weapons are Most Likely mentioned in Ezekiel 39.  ( – The Iran nuclear deal calls on Tehran’s negotiating partners to help develop its civil nuclear program, and longstanding allies Russia and […]

Russia (Magog) and China (Kings of the East) Push Forward on Port Linking Northern China to EU (Rome II)

  Chinese investors aren’t scaling back on freight projects in Russia even though both countries’ economies are suffering, according to Russia’s minister of Far East development. The statements from the official spokesperson […]

Japan FM Says Russia (Magog) Key to Resolving Syria, North Korea Issues

  Japan’s foreign minister pledged Tuesday to continue talks with Russia even though the two countries still lack a World War II peace treaty, saying Moscow is key to resolving international threats […]

Russia, Iran (Magog, Persia) to Open Joint Bank for Ruble-Rial Settlements

  Tehran is waiting for a reply from the Russian Central Bank to a proposal on opening joint banks to make mutual payments in national currencies, Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei […]

Russia (Magog) to Focus on ‘Humanitarian Ops’ in Syria

  Russia’s defence ministry has said the new objective of its forces in Syria is humanitarian operations. It claims that peaceful life is slowly returning to the war-torn country following Moscow’s bombing […]

Europe (Rome II) Needs Alliance with Russia (Magog) to Beat ISIS

  Russia is the only country in the world that knows how to handle the terrorist threat, according to an Italian Member of the European Parliament who heads the country’s nationalist Lega […]

Putin (Magog) Bypasses Israel, Sets Up Joint War Room for Syria with Jordan

  In a pivotal step reflecting the changeability of military and political deals in Israel’s neighborhood, Jordan has almost overnight agreed to establish a shared war room with Russia for the concerted […]

Russia (Magog) Bypasses Israel as Biggest Threat to Turkey

I wonder how proponents of the Turkey/Magog view will react to this? Israel is no longer perceived as the greatest threat to Turkey according to Global’s Turkey Social Trend survey published this […]