Ezekiel 38/39 Magog Invasion

Events that may be indicators of the Magog Invasion as described in Ezekiel 38/39.

Persian (Iran) Tested Nuclear-Capable Cruise Missile says Gomer (Germany)

Gomer outing Persia. Nuclear weapons are clearly used in Ezekiel 38/39.  Iran has tested a cruise missile called “Sumar” that is capable of carrying nuclear weapons in addition to test-firing a medium-range […]

Dedan (Saudi Arabia) Building A 600-Mile ‘Great Wall’ To Shield Itself From ISIS

Dedan not getting along the Most Likely Psalm 83 Players. When a raiding party from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attacked a Saudi border post last week, it was no […]

Gomer (Germany): Human Rights Situation in Phut (Libya) is ‘Catastrophic’ Rome II (EU) Tries to Stem Flow

Rome II, Gomer, and Libya all in one story.  (BERLIN) — The human rights situation in Libya is “catastrophic,” with migrants heading for Europe bearing the brunt of abuse, the German government […]

Phut (Libya) Oil Output On The Rise, Highest Since 2014

Excellent Phut indicator.  After a series of setbacks and missteps, Libya is reportedly on track to continue its increased oil production in 2017, with output now sitting at the highest levels seen […]

Magog (Putin) to Launch World’s First Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet for IMMENSE Arctic Army

Most scholars believe Magog is either Russia or Turkey. Since I believe it is Russia, I will cite examples that are indicators Russia fits the description better than Turkey does. For example, […]

Magog (Gorbachev) Worried about World War – Says Trump and Putin Could “Lead the World to Peace”

  The last time Mikhail Gorbachev made American news, the former Soviet dictator sounded upbeat. Of the incoming President Trump, he told the Associated Press in December: “He has little political experience, […]

Gomer (Germany) says Migrant Deal with Phut (Libya) Needed

Gomer (Merkel) said it was important to work with Phut (Libya) given that more than 4,000 migrants had died in the Mediterranean while en route from Libya to Italy. Europe should work […]

Magog (Russia) Seeks Another Mediterranean Naval base in Phut (Libya)

Great Phut and Magog indicator for Ezekiel 38/39. In recent months, Russia has been ramping up its involvement in the Libyan sociopolitical crisis, which has been ongoing since the removal of its […]

Israel says Persia’s (Iran) Aggression Must not go Unanswered

Israel probably isn’t playing around.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu responded on his Facebook page to the report that Ira had test-fired a ballistic missile in violation of a UN Security Council resolution. […]