Phut (Libya)

Indicators that help confirm Libya as the identity of Phut

Phut (Libya) May Allow Rome II (EU) to Pursue People-Smugglers

  Libya’s UN-backed prime minister, Fayez al-Serraj, has said Nato or EU ships could be permitted to operate in Libyan waters alongside the national military coastguard to slow the flow of people-smuggling […]

Gomer (Germany): Human Rights Situation in Phut (Libya) is ‘Catastrophic’ Rome II (EU) Tries to Stem Flow

Rome II, Gomer, and Libya all in one story.  (BERLIN) — The human rights situation in Libya is “catastrophic,” with migrants heading for Europe bearing the brunt of abuse, the German government […]

Phut (Libya) Oil Output On The Rise, Highest Since 2014

Excellent Phut indicator.  After a series of setbacks and missteps, Libya is reportedly on track to continue its increased oil production in 2017, with output now sitting at the highest levels seen […]

Gomer (Germany) says Migrant Deal with Phut (Libya) Needed

Gomer (Merkel) said it was important to work with Phut (Libya) given that more than 4,000 migrants had died in the Mediterranean while en route from Libya to Italy. Europe should work […]

Magog (Russia) Seeks Another Mediterranean Naval base in Phut (Libya)

Great Phut and Magog indicator for Ezekiel 38/39. In recent months, Russia has been ramping up its involvement in the Libyan sociopolitical crisis, which has been ongoing since the removal of its […]

Magog (Russia)’s Arctic-Circle Ports Ship As Much Crude as Phut (Libya)

Interesting Magog/Phut indicator from Ezekiel 38/39. This also is an indicator of the identity of Magog as being “from the uttermost parts of the north.” It doesn’t get much more north than […]

Magog (Russia) has an Essential Role in Phut (Libya)’s Stability

Excellent Russia/Libya connection that is an indicator of the Ezekiel 38/39 alliance.  Magog (Russia) plays a highly constructive role in bringing about a political settlement for Phut (Libya), United Nations delegate to […]

Germany (Gomer) Presents New ‘Military Roadmap’ – 4 of 5 Ezekiel 38 Countries

German (Gomer) is going to step up as the next big leader and help “shape the world order”now that Great Britain has left the European Union. And how about that, 4 out of […]

US & UK Authorities Preparing to Send 1,000 More Soldiers to Libya

    US and UK authorities are piling pressure on Libya to take in 1,000 British troops, allegedly to bolster its defenses against Islamic State (Daesh) militants, British media said Monday. Libya […]

ISIS in Control of Sarin Gas Compound in Libya

Ezekiel 38/39 WMD indicator.  While the US Obama administration is considering starting up a new frontier against Daesh in Libya, in efforts of ending the option of militants establishing a new center and […]