Phut (Libya)

Indicators that help confirm Libya as the identity of Phut

General Wants to Up U.S. Action Against ISIS in Libya

  WASHINGTON (CNN) —President Barack Obama’s top military adviser has begun to talk openly about stepped-up U.S. military action against ISIS in Libya as the terror group expands its operations in the […]

Libya (Phut): ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Brotherhood Towards Integration

  Tripoli- Confidential documents reviewed by Asharq Al-Awsat revealed a plan made by senior leaders in ISIS, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda, and the Islamic Brotherhood in Libya […]

Saudi (Dedan) Air Strikes on Yemeni Oil Port; ISIS Attacks Libyan (Phut) Oil Port

  Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes on targets in Yemen on Thursday, killing nine people and destroying trucks that deliver petroleum products for domestic consumption. Related: OPEC Still Sees Oil Markets Balancing This Year […]

German (Gomer) Defense Minister Announces Military Intervention in Libya (Phut)

Gomer and phut are two major partners listed in the Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion. The German government is planning a new military mission in Libya, Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen (Christian Democrats, […]

Germany (Gomer) Hints at Possible Troop Deployment to Libya

Phut/Gomer indicator.  Germany’s defense minister says she does not rule out dispatching military forces to violence-wracked Libya, without clarifying the nature of the potential deployment. When asked in a Sunday interview with […]

Former US Official: ISIS has the Capability to Organize Paris-like Attacks out of its New Base in Libya

  A former high-level US official told Congress this week that he’s concerned with what he sees happening with ISIS in Libya. Former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford testified before the […]

ISIS on the March: Extended War Coming to Libya

  The so-called global ‘anti-terror’ front seems to be expanding its tentacles as leaders of the ‘free world’ plan to end the terrorist threat posed by the Islamic State (IS). Thanks to […]

Europe (Rome II) Needs Alliance with Russia (Magog) to Beat ISIS

  Russia is the only country in the world that knows how to handle the terrorist threat, according to an Italian Member of the European Parliament who heads the country’s nationalist Lega […]

France Must Act Bold, Land Troops in Libya (Phut) Before ISIS Comes to Europe

  France must take bold actions and crush Daesh (Islamic State) militants in Libya before their influence grows stronger in North Africa, French journalist Philippe Bonnet wrote for Boulevard Voltaire. © AP […]

Iran (Persia) Saudi Arabia (Dedan) Critical to Oil, but Don’t forget Libya (Phut)

Excellent Persia/Phut/Dedan indicator.  As oil prices continue to slide and tensions continue to flare in theMiddle East, all eyes are glued toIran and Saudi Arabia. But there’s another unpredictable player in OPEC […]