Phut (Libya)

Indicators that help confirm Libya as the identity of Phut

Western Powers Preparing for a New Invasion of Libya?

  Due to substantial human and financial losses inflicted on Daesh (ISIL/Islamic State) by the Russo-Syrian advance and Western airstrikes, Islamists are fleeing to oil rich Libya. Will 2016 bring a new […]

Brits Send 1,000 Troops to Libya – Part of 6,000-Strong Ground Force of US and European Soldiers

  The Tories have sent 1,000 British troops to Libya to defend oil fields threatened by the advance of Isis-supporting forces. This is part of a 6,000-strong deployment of US and European […]

ISIS Shifts to Libya After Strikes in Syria – Using Kids from Sudan (Cush)

Solid link between Sudan (Cush) and Libya (Phut). ISIS are recruiting kids from Sudan and Nigeria and training them in suicide operations.  Jihadists travel to Libya more easily than Syria, Iraq The Islamic […]

Russia (Magog) Warned NATO Against Interference in Libya (Phut)

Russia is getting better at their IO (Information Operations) campaign. They actually make a pretty good case here and this is a solid Phut/Magog Ezekiel 38/39 connection.  SOCHI, January 11. /TASS/. Russia’s […]

EU (Rome II) Pledges 100 Million Euros to Aid Libya’s Government

Libya is also slowly starting have more indicators of being tied into other Ezekiel 38 players.  The European Union’s foreign policy chief has unveiled a 100 million euro ($109 million) aid package […]

EU (Rome II) Hesitates to Widen War on ISIS after Libya Bomb

  Video: The Creation and Rise of Islamic State Explained: European governments showed little inclination to open a new front in the war against Islamic State after a terrorist attack rocked Libya, […]

ISIS Moving In On Libya’s (Phut) Oil Fields, Recruiting Engineers To Boost Revenue

Libya, who is the Ezekiel 38/39 Player Phut, will Most Likely see an increase in prominence on the world stage as ISIS continues to gain momentum and holds the initiative.  Amin Mneina […]