Phut (Libya)

Indicators that help confirm Libya as the identity of Phut

The Saudi-Iranian (Dedan-Persia) Oil War Has Begun – Predicted in the Bible

The Saudi-Iranian War Has Begun: The Coming Oil Wars As Predicted In The Bible And How It Will Eventually Lead To The Doom Of Mecca After Saudi Arabia executed 47 men convicted […]

Kuwait Recalls its Iran (Persia) Ambassador

Kuwait joins Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Sudan in breaking ties with Iran as Sunni-Shi’ite rift expands. Kuwait recalled its ambassador to Iran on Tuesday, after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Sudan did the same […]

Phut (Libya) Chaos in Mali, Paris – Fueled by Complex ISIS/Al Qaida Rivalry

Phut is one of the main Ezekiel 38/39 players.  Libyan chaos spillover blamed for much of Mali’s instability, says Israeli expert on Africa. The terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali this past […]

70 Cush (Sudanese) Have Joined ISIS Since 2011- Travel to Phut (Libya)

Phut and Cush are both main players in the Ezekiel 38 Magog Invasion.  Cush (Sudan)’s Interior Minister Ismat Abdul Rahman said Monday that 70 young Sudanese have joined the Islamic State group since the jihadist organization’s […]

35 Million ‘Migrants’ Heading to Europe, Greece Couldn’t Protect Rome II Borders

Invasion. Believe me yet? The huge figure was revealed today by Hungary’s minister for foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjártó. Speaking as the country begins work on its second fence to stop […]

IAEA to Demand that Israel Open for inspection Nuclear Reactor in Dimona – Phut and Persia Violated Nuclear Obligations

There’s some good indicators in here. Egypt, ISIS, Hamas, Phut (Libya), Persia (Iran), and the Sinai.  Israel, the United states, and a number of other pro-Israel states are working behind the scenes […]

Inside the ISIS Arsenal – Growing to ‘Army’ Level – Supplied by Phut (Libya) and Persia (Iran)

Not bad for the JV team. Notice the Ezekiel 38 Players who are supplying the additional arms. The story does say that they are also supplying arms to Al-Shabaab in Somolia, but […]