US Fears Iran-Saudi Arabia Rift will set back ISIS Fight

I wonder what ISIS thinks about this?  The Obama administration and its Western allies have been left scrambling to smooth over a rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran that erupted over the […]

UAE ‘No Longer Bound’ Not to Enrich Uranium

Sheba (UAE) and Dedan (Saudi Arabia) are nuking up in response to Persia (Iran). A leading member of the US House of Representatives revealed that a senior United Arab Emirates (UAE) official told […]

Gulf States to Buy Israeli Anti-Missile System as Iran Defense

Dedan and Sheba want protection from Persia, all Ezekiel 38 Players. Bahrain and other Persian Gulf states are in negotiations to buy the Israeli-developed Iron Dome anti-missile system to defend against “a […]

Sheba (Yemen)’s Government Pulls Out of Rome II Mediated Peace Talks with Persia (Iran) Proxies

This fight is over control of the Red Sea which leads directly to the Israeli city of Eilat.  Yemen’s exiled government pulled out of UN-mediated peace talks with its Persia (Houthi) adversaries […]

Dedan (Saudi) and Sheba Coalition Suffers Deadliest Day in Yemen, as UAE & Bahrain Lose 50 Troops

Persia and the Ezekiel 38 onlookers fight it out.  In its deadliest battle incident ever, Sheba and Dedan United Arab Emirates forces have lost at least 45 soldiers fighting among the Saudi-led […]

Kuwait Charges 26 Suspects over Arms Cache, Alleges Persia (Iran) Link

Sheba and Dedan at odds with Persia? Kuwait has charged 26 people with possessing weapons and having contacts with Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah group in order to plot attacks against the […]

Strange Bedfellows: Saudi Arabia Moves Toward Hamas

Huge Psalm 83 update! I also love this line: “Saudi intelligence officials have been meeting quietly with officials from Mossad.” For Saudi Arabia, it is an opportunity to become the regional leader […]

Coalition Poised to Retake Capital, but Yemen Risks Grow

Meanwhile, in Yemen Weeks after seizing Yemen’s southern port, Aden, members of a Saudi-led military coalition and the local fighters it supports say they are poised to oust Iranian-allied Houthi forces from […]

Egypt, Jordan, Saudi to have Nuke plants built by Russia

Psalm 83 Players meet with Ezekiel 38/39 Players (Dedan, Magog). Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi were set to sign a deal for the construction of a nuclear power plant in […]