Rome II (UN) Chief: ‘No Alternative’ to Palestine-Israel Solution

UN Secretary Guterres says two-state solution is only way for peace between Israel and Palestine, ahead of Netanyahu-Trump meeting. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that there is “no alternative” to a […]

White House: Mideast Peace May Not Come from Two-State Solution

  WASHINGTON –  The Trump administration said Tuesday that peace between the Israelis and Palestinians may not come in the form of a two-state solution — a dramatic shift from former President […]

Rome II (European) Socialist Hate Mongers on Israel

    For decades extreme anti-Israel hatemongering has come out of many mainstream European social democratic parties. Finally, starting over a year ago, the Israeli Foreign Office is no longer willing to […]

Don’t Call the Israeli-Palestinian Dispute the ‘Middle East conflict’

This is a great point. Anytime we hear about the “Middle East Conflict” it is always in reference to the “problem” of Israel in the region. The reality of the conflict has […]

Gomer (Germany) Cancels Annual Meeting with Israeli Government

  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to cancel the annual government-to-government meeting with Israel, scheduled for May 9.   Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter   A German spokesman said the […]

‘Palestinian’ Leaders Want Israel’s Chosenness, Blessings, and Land

This is powerful, and absolutely true. “Today, the Chosen-ness of the Chosen people becomes obvious. G-d blesses His Jewish nation, as Promised. ‘Palestinian’ leaders see the blessings. They see the Promises fulfilled. […]

Trump to Tap Egypt & Dedan (Saudi Arabia) for Help with Israel-Palestinian Relations

  WASHINGTON — President Trump and his advisers, venturing for the first time into the fraught world of Middle East peacemaking, are developing a strategy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that would enlist […]

Israel – Time to Crack Down on Illegal Arab Construction

  Overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews back decision to crack down on rampant illegal construction in the Arab sector. The overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews say Israel should do more to enforce […]

Al Jazeera – Israeli Approval of Legalizing ‘Settler’ Homes has ‘Opened the Floodgates’

Israel’s settlement law: Consolidating apartheid Israel’s obstinacy is leaving Palestinians with one option: Equal citizenship in one state or a horrific apartheid. “Israel has just opened the ‘floodgates’, and crossed a ‘very, […]