Third Temple

Will There be Animal Sacrifices in the Third Temple?

Why would Christians care if there are animal sacrifices at the Third Temple whenever it is built? Because that is where the Antichrist commits the Abomination of Desolation.  And keep in mind, […]

Video: We Must Start Building Third Temple Today, Says Temple Experts

  A recent video from the Temple Institute concluded unequivocally that the Third Temple will not simply descend from Heaven, begging the question ‘Why don’t Jews begin building today?’ The man in […]

First Step Towards Third Temple: Synagogue on Temple Mount

You need a Third Temple in order to have an Abomination of Desolation that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24.  Yaakov Hayman, the head of Yishai, an NGO dedicated to reinstating Jewish […]

Palestinians Slam UN Chief’s Remarks on Jewish Ties to Temple Mount

  Antonio Guterres also reportedly says that he has no intention of pushing for a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Palestinian Officials criticized United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday […]

Israel Insults Muslims Around The World With Judaization Of Jerusalem, Sheikh Warns

  Israel has crossed the Muslim world by allowing growing clashes over a Jerusalem holy site to continue, Palestine and Jerusalem Mufti Sheikh Mohamed Hussein warned Wednesday. Violence between Jews and Arabs at the Al-Aqsa […]

Israel to Rome II (EU): Voting to Recognize Temple Mount as Solely Muslim Site Akin to Ignoring Jesus

All nations today who deal with the headache that is Jerusalem is evidence that what was written 2,500 years ago by Zechariah in the bible has certainly come to pass. The Temple […]

Israel Enlists Gomer (German) to Counter UN Resolution Denying Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

The Temple Mount is the Center-of-Gravity for the Middle East conflict and is an iron-clad fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Zechariah 12:3 “It will come about at that time that I will make […]