Third Temple

Hamas Calls for ‘Revolution’ against Palestinian Authority over Temple Mount

The Hamas terror movement’s incitement against Israel continues to escalate, in what appears to be a crusade for another wave of terrorism and a new intifada. Simultaneously, the group, which controls Gaza, […]

A-G Approves Use of Snipers Against Jerusalem Rock-Throwers

It would appear that there is an escalation of force for Israel’s Escalation of Force TTPs.  Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has approved the use of sniper rifles against violent rioters in Jerusalem, Channel 10 reports on Thursday […]

Rome II (EU) and Jordan Warn Against ‘Provocation’ at Al Aqsa Mosque

Rome II (The EU) warned Tuesday against any “provocation” at Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa mosque compound as Palestinians and Israeli security forces clashed for a third day. “The reported violence and escalation (at […]

Top Islamist Declares Religious War on Temple Mount

Sheikh Kamal Hatib, Deputy Chairman of the Northern Wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, declared that a war between “Palestinians” and Israel over the Temple Mount is set to begin, in a […]

Police: Arab MKs (Member of Knesset) Tried to Rush Us on Temple Mount

This would be the equivalent of a member of Congress charging at the police.  Arab MKs joined a mob that tried to rush Israeli police officers on the Temple Mount, witnesses said […]

Israeli Police, Palestinian Protesters Clash for Third Day at the Temple Mount

Standard Islamic TTP (Tactic, Technique, and Procedure). Hide in a “holy” site, toss out some violence, and scream loudly when a violent response is given to answer your violence. Then you can […]

Arab League (Psalm 83) Threatens Action Against Israel Over Al-Aqsa

  The Arab League on Sunday warned against the “Judaization of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israel” and called for action against the Jewish state,Channel 2 News reported. The condemnation came after masked […]

Jordan Blasts Israel for ‘Attack’ on Temple Mount

Jordan, which has custodian rights over Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, condemned the Israeli army on Sunday calling their defense during an Arab mob riot on the holy site an “attack.” Egypt, the only other Arab […]