Psalm 83 War

News articles and opinion pieces that may be indicators of the Psalm 83 War.

1. Israel re-gathered in the Land (Ez 37:12; Isa 11:11,12; Deu 30:3-5)

2. Ancient cities rebuilt and inhabited (Ez 36:1-5, 8-10)

3. They meet Muslim resistance (Jer 49:16; Zep 2:8; Ez 25:12; 32:5; 36:2;Oba 1:10

4. Israel establishes an army for defense (Ez 36:6,7; 38:8)

5. Adjacent Muslim nations confederate (Ps 83:1-8)

6. Confederacy committed to the destruction of Israel (Ps 83:1-5,12)

7. War starts between Confederacy and Israel (Jer 49:2, 8, 19)

8. Title regained : “My people Israel” (Hos 1:8-10; Rom 9:25,26, Ez 36:8-12)

9. Israel decisively defeats the Confederacy (Oba 1:9,18; Ez 25:13,14; Jer 49:10,20,21,23-26; Isa 11:12-14)

10. Israel has become “an exceedingly great army.” Ez 37:10: Jer 49:21

11. Israel takes prisoners of war. (Jer 48:46,47; 49:3,6,11: Zep 2:10,11)

12. The Region is reshaped (Isa 17:1 (Damascus finally gets “theirs”, Jer 49:2, Zep 2:4)

13. Israel expands its borders, Euphrates and Nile (Oba 1:19, Jer 49:2: Isa 19:18,19)

Amos 3:7 “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

Dead & Injured in Baghdad Protests Near ‘Green Zone’

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Eliminating Terror Groups in Sinai Key Priority for Egypt

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Israel – Time to Crack Down on Illegal Arab Construction

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Al Jazeera – Israeli Approval of Legalizing ‘Settler’ Homes has ‘Opened the Floodgates’

Israel’s settlement law: Consolidating apartheid Israel’s obstinacy is leaving Palestinians with one option: Equal citizenship in one state or a horrific apartheid. “Israel has just opened the ‘floodgates’, and crossed a ‘very, […]

Israel Attacked from Both North & South – Yom Kippur War Began with Attacks from Syria and Egypt

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Psalm 83 War! Hamas Commandos Head to Egypt to Team with ISIS

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ISIS Unleash Lady Jihadi BITING BRIGADE Armed with METAL JAWS to Tear Women to Death

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Is a New Middle East War on Israel’s Horizon? (Psalm 83 War?)

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How France Has Become Target #1 for Islamic Jihad

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