Roman Catholic Church News

Pope Cuts Penalties for Paedophile Priests – One Let off a Lifetime of Prayer for Abusing Five Boys

It boggles the mind how many are deceived by the Catholic Churches false doctrine of forced celibacy since it goes directly against 1 Timothy 3:12. There are always repercussions to now following […]

Pope Francis: ‘Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist’ But ‘Global Warming Real’

Captain Infallible doesn’t live in reality. I can’t overstate how big of a “Woman Who Rides the Beast” indicator this is. This man is clearly vying for the title False Prophet.  Maybe […]

Pope and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Met Again ‘For Future of Humanity’

Frank is a busy guy. Schmoozing with Magog and Rome II. “Russia too is investing much in relations with the Holy See. While in Paris for the European Meeting between Catholic and […]

Imagining Unity with the Churches of the East (Catholic, Orthodox)

Remember these guys have excommunicated each other and burned each other at the stake for a thousand years. But they are heading towards “unity” just like Revelation predicts.  Before we discuss the […]

Kings of the East (China) & Vatican Near Pivotal Deal on Bishops

For Rome, the deal would deliver a historic breakthrough in getting the Communist government in Beijing to recognize the pope’s jurisdiction as head of the Catholic Church in China. But China would […]

Steve Bannon Aligns With Vatican Hard-Liners Who Oppose Pope Francis

Remember the days when opposing the Pope meant you were burned at the stake? Pepperidge Farms remembers.  White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is known to have cultivated ties with far-right parties […]

Rome Must Refuse to Bend to Magog (Putin) Storyline

Another Ecumenical Religion Update: “Under these circumstances, the best the Catholic side of this “dialogue” can do is to resist new falsifications of historical or current reality, make clear that the integrity […]

Pope Takes a Stand for Persecuted Muslim Group

Ecumenical Religion update. Wait, did I read that headline right?! He’s worried about some “persecuted” Muslims? What about the Christians that are being systematically tortured by Muslims? Another feather if the False […]

Cardinal Dolan, Fuming Over ArchDiocese’s ‘Rich’ Image, Vacations at Mansion

The Roman Catholic Church is the wealthiest organization on the planet. See Dave Hunt’s book, “A Woman Rides the Beast.” A Woman Rides the Beast PDF They are so wealthy, that they […]