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Pope Francis Meets Sudan (Cush) Bishops as UN Documents Atrocities

Cush is popping up more and more with indicators starting to show in multiple End Times categories.  The conflict in Africa’s newest country, South Sudan, continues to rage with Pope Francis meeting […]

Pope Francis May Become First Pope to Visit Rome Mosque

There’s so much eschatological goodness in this headline.  VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is studying an invitation to visit the Grand Mosque of Rome — extended to him several days after his […]

Middle East: Will the Work of Three Popes Inspire World Leadership?

This story has some very interesting indicators for the Pope being the False Prophet of Revelation. There’s the peacemaking efforts. There’s the Shiite-Catholic connection. There’s the word “prophet” right there in one […]

Pope Francis Calls on Catholics and Jews to Work Together for Peace

Major indicator for the Pope being the False Prophet.  (Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Sunday became the third pope to visit Rome’s synagogue in a sign of continuing Catholic-Jewish friendship. During the […]

Pope Says God’s Covenant with Jews ‘Irrevocable’

The Pope is absolutely correct here. Another indicator/bullet to add to his False Prophet resume.  Pope Francis visited Rome’s synagogue this afternoon stressing that the Church recognises God’s “irrevocable” covenant with Israel and the […]

What Pope Francis Synagogue Visit Says about Catholic-Jewish Relations

Another Ecumenical Religion update. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church worked very hard to “keep the Jews in their subservient place” and formal relations were only established in 1965! Signs of […]

Is Pope Francis too Indulgent with Indulgences?

Interesting article. ‘Indulgences’ is a fictional ability to reduce someone’s time in Purgatory or with the living, they can perform some act that can eliminate all or part of a penance. The […]