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Vatican Fully Recognizes ‘Palestine’ State as Landmark Treaty Enters Force

Pope Francis (R) embraces Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the end of the ceremony for the canonisation of four nuns at Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican City, May 17, 2015 © […]

Vatican: Catholics Should NOT Try to Convert Jews

Christianity and Judaism are intertwined and God never annulled his covenant with the Jewish people, document reads. ould not try to convert Jews and should work with them to fight anti-Semitism, the […]

Vatican: Jews Don’t Need Christ to be Saved

The irony here is that for centuries the Vatican would torture or burn Protestants alive while holding the view that only Catholic Priests via the Pope could absolve sins, thereby proclaiming that […]

‘Bleeding’ Communion Wafer Hailed as Miracle in Utah

  A ‘bleeding’ piece of communion wafer is being hailed as a miracle by believers at a church in Utah. Faithful followers claim the sacramental bread ‘bled’ for three days following communion at St. Francis Xavier Church […]

Vatican Arrests Cleric, Laywoman Suspected of Leaking Secret Documents

The Vatican is just a corrupt, mass-murdering organization that has just as many political issues as any other wordly institution.  VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Two members of a commission Pope Francis set […]

Catholic Leaders Push New Rules to Limit Effects of ‘Climate Change’

The RCC with its supposedly infallible leader have fallen for the greatest scientific hoax of the 20th Century. ‘Global warming the greatest scam in history’ claims founder of Weather Channel Catholic leaders […]

Vatican Summit Erupts into Theological Slugfest over Vision for Church

A Catholic Bishop called out his liberal colleagues for doing the devil’s work. Protestants have been saying this since roughly 400 A.D.  VATICAN CITY — At one point during a major summit […]