Rome II

With Sanctions Lifted, Iran’s (Persia) President Heads Straight to Europe (Rome II), Met with China (Kings of the East)

  With financial sanctions against Iran falling away, President Hassan Rouhani is wasting no time in seeking new business opportunities for a country that’s long been isolated. The Iranian leader was in […]

Russia (Magog) and China (Kings of the East) Push Forward on Port Linking Northern China to EU (Rome II)

  Chinese investors aren’t scaling back on freight projects in Russia even though both countries’ economies are suffering, according to Russia’s minister of Far East development. The statements from the official spokesperson […]

US, EU (Rome II), and Iran (Persia) to discuss Nuclear Deal Progress

  International sanctions against Iran are to be lifted today, the country’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has said. Mr Zarif is in Vienna for talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry […]

Europe (Rome II) Needs Alliance with Russia (Magog) to Beat ISIS

  Russia is the only country in the world that knows how to handle the terrorist threat, according to an Italian Member of the European Parliament who heads the country’s nationalist Lega […]

EU (Rome II) Will Fall amid Terror and Migrant Strain – Starts in Germany (Gomer)

THE European Union faces being destroyed under the growing threat of terrorism, which has sparked the influx of migrants into Europe, the European Parliament’s President has warned. Martin Schulz, the German president […]

ISIS Ran Sophisticated ‘Immigration Operation’ on Turkey-Syria Border

  Islamic State ran a sophisticated immigration operation through a Syrian border town with Turkey until its defeat in the area by Kurds this summer, documents obtained by the Guardian suggest. Passenger […]

Putin Defends Russia’s (Magog) Recent Aggression, Blames US and Europe (Rome II)

  Germany’s leading newspaper Bild has published an exclusive interview with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. In partnership with Bild, Business Insider has published an English translation below.  Putin discussed the Kremlin’s relationship with Germany, […]

EU (Rome II) Pledges 100 Million Euros to Aid Libya’s Government

Libya is also slowly starting have more indicators of being tied into other Ezekiel 38 players.  The European Union’s foreign policy chief has unveiled a 100 million euro ($109 million) aid package […]