General news or opinion pieces on Science.

Horse Evolution Bucks Evolutionary Theory

Everything bucks evolutionary theory. A cautionary tale in evolutionary theory is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. When ancient horses diversified into new species, those bursts of evolution weren’t accompanied by drastic […]

NASA Thinks Aliens are Hiding on Europa – Sending Spaceship to Find Them

  EUROPA is a frozen moon of Jupiter which looks totally inhospitable and barren, but might be hiding an amazing secret. NASA believes there’s a gigantic ocean locked beneath its frozen surface […]

Aubrey de Grey: Scientist Who Says Humans Can Live for 1,000 Years

Science confirms the bible again in a huge way! No surprise for Creationists. Lifespans before the flood were almost 1,000 years in length, then rapidly declined after the flood and Noah.  Adam – […]

Scientists Say Dinoflagellates Violate Fundamental Rules of Darwinian Evolution

Creationists aren’t surprised.  A group scientists have used new genetic sequencing data to understand how an ancient organism that lived alongside the dinosaurs has evolved over millions of years. A four-year effort […]

Eugene Koonin: “The New Evolutionary Biology”

  ‘Challenges to the current theory of evolution undermined even from within the industry – for good reasons.’ – Richard William Nelson “They should have invited Eugene Koonin,” Canadian biochemist Larry Moran […]

‘Oldest’ Proteins Ever Found ‘195 Million-Year-Old’ Dinosaur

“Evolution industry in need of critical thinking – soft tissue preservation for hundred millions of years could never have happened. Evidence demonstrates why current dating methods are bogus.” -Richard William Nelson The […]

LHC Sees Matter and Antimatter Misbehaving in Alternate Particle

‘Theoretical physicists struggling with conflicting new data – no surprise.’  -Richard William Nelson A hint of matter and antimatter behaving differently to each other has been spotted in a new particle for […]

Scientists Create Metallic Hydrogen, a Possible Superconductor

They’ve been chasing this theory since 1935. Confirmed. First ever sample of metallic hydrogen, something that has never existed before on Earth.    U.S. scientists have succeeded in squeezing hydrogen so intensely […]