General news or opinion pieces on Science.

Paralyzed Patients Communicate Thoughts via Brain-Computer Interface

This is plausible. So it is also plausible that your silent prayers are heard by a hyper-dimensional being named God.  Scientists have developed a brain-computer interface that reads the brain’s blood oxygen […]

Exposed: World Leaders Duped into Investing Billions over Manipulated ‘Global Warming’ Data

  The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the world’s leading source of climate data rushed to publish a landmark paper that exaggerated global warming and […]

‘100 Million Year Old’ Insect so Strange, Scientists Create New Order

Not predicted by the Theory of Evolution. Presents huge problems for the theory since it has no known ancestors and no known descendants. So much so that “we decided it had to […]

The Race to Hack the Brain ‘Save Humanity” Replaced by AI

A neural lace. Can I pick one up at Victoria’s Secrets? THERE is a school of thought that human life will one day be replaced by artificially intelligent super computers that, at […]

We’re Evolving Into Stupid: Icelandic Study Reignites Eugenics

I guess these people haven’t studied Eugenics, which as taught by every major university on the planet before WWII and the Holocaust, but quietly shelved after the logic of Eugenics lead to […]

Miracle Twins Kept Each Other Alive by Holding Hands in the Womb

  A set of identical twins kept each other alive by holding in the womb. Hayley Lampshire, 27, from Kidlington, Oxfordshire, she discovered her twins were suffering from a rare condition meaning they […]

Human-Pig Hybrid Embryos Created by Scientists

What could go wrong? The Nephilim were Human-Demon hybrids.  Scientists have created the first human-pig hybrids in a breakthrough which could pave the way for doctors to grow an unlimited supply of […]

The Universe is Just a Big Hologram – Astrophyscists

The Holographic Universe view is what has the potential to reconcile Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum theory. The universe being a hologram is consistent with what the bible has been teaching […]